Dyeing Easter Eggs With Whipped Cream: A Safe Alternative


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Dyeing Easter Eggs With Whipped Cream – Whipped Cream helps produce swirls of gorgeous color in this family-friendly DIY easter egg dyeing method with Cool Whip!

Dyeing Easter eggs with whipped cream complete in bowl

There is something about dyeing colorful Easter eggs that embodies springtime. And since we are stuck at home and inside an awful lot these days, we decided to make the most of it and try a few ways to decorate our Easter eggs. First, we dyed our eggs with Skittles candy, and now we are embarking on dyeing Easter eggs with whipped cream!

We were inspired by a similar recipe using shaving cream to dye eggs, but I wanted a safer alternative in case the dyed eggs would be eaten later. So we replaced the yucky shaving cream for Cool Whip for these super cool tye-dyed Easter eggs.

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Dyeing Easter Eggs With Whipped Cream Topping

What’s Needed For Dyeing Easter Eggs With Cool Whip

carton of hardboiled eggs food coloring and whipped topping
  • The Number of Hardboiled Eggs You Wish To Dye
  • 1 Large Tub Of Whipped Topping like Cool Whip
  • Spatula
  • Assorted Gel Food Colorings (I found the gel works better, and the colors are more vibrant, and I love that these are made in the USA, vegan and kosher)
  • Large Platter, Plate, Container, Or Muffin Tin
  • Disposable Gloves (*Coloring will stain fingers for about a day so disposable gloves can be worn.)

Directions For Dyeing Easter Eggs With Cool Whip

1. In a dish, container or cupcake tin spread about a 1-inch layer of Cool whip on the bottom.

Spooning whipped topping onto platter with spatula

2. Place dots of food coloring all around. You can make it multiple colors or have specific colors in one area. Anything goes!

adding food coloring to cool whip

3. Take a knife and swirl the colors around. Make sure you don’t over mix the colors. It just takes a quick swirl. If you overmix, you won’t get those dramatic swirls of color!

swirling food coloring in cool whip

4. Place the hardboiled eggs in the container and rotate each egg.  Use a spoon or your hand in its spot until it’s all covered. One roll in the whipped cream is enough. Otherwise, you will wind up with a muddy colored egg.

placing eggs in dyed cool whip
Easter eggs soaking in cool whip and food coloring

5. Place in refrigerator for about 10-25 minutes. The longer you allow the Cool Whip to sit on the egg, the brighter your dyed eggs will be. Be sure to get a timer!

6. Take out and wipe eggs off with paper towels. You can also rinse them in water, but a lot of the color will come off, and they won’t be as bold looking.

removing eggs from dyed cool whip platter
dyeing Easter eggs with whipped cream completed

I absolutely love the way these turned out! I hope you have fun coloring Easter eggs too!!

whipped cream tye-dyed Easter eggs

Why Dyeing Easter Eggs With Cool Whip Is Better

As I mentioned above, dyeing Easter eggs with whipped cream is similar to the egg dyeing method using shaving cream.

So why didn’t we use shaving cream to dye our eggs? Well, quite simply, eggs are porous, and if you have looked at the back of a shaving cream can it wasn’t anything I wanted seeping into eggs that I might feed to my family.

The best part about dyeing Easter eggs with whipped cream means they are much safer if you choose to eat them, than shaving cream since it can seep through the eggshell.

It comes down to personal preference. I’ll let you make your own call on what you use. And if you don’t plan on eating the eggs you dye then, by all means…use shaving cream!

I really hope you enjoy this Easter activity with your kids! If you are looking for additional Easter egg dyeing tips or fun Easter activities to complete with your family, be sure to HOP (get-it? Lol A little bunny humor for you) on over to my post How To Make Clever Skittles Dyed Easter Eggs In 7 Easy Steps!

Have fun, and Happy Easter!

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how to dye easter eggs with cool whip
dyeing Easter eggs with whipped topping

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