How To Make Clever Skittles Dyed Easter Eggs In 7 Easy Steps


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Inside: Enjoy this little twist on the classic egg decorating with your kids when you try these Skittles Dyed Easter Eggs this Easter! What a “sweet” family activity!

Final Skittles Dyed Eggs In A Bowl with skittles candy on table

One of my favorite spring and Easter pastimes include dying Easter eggs with my kids. It allows us time to sit at the table together, talk, and just have fun.

Not to mention, it can serve as a great science experiment depending on how you choose to decorate your eggs!. We love coming up with new and exciting ways of decorating our eggs. I mean, the Easter egg dye kits are ok, but who doesn’t enjoy a good adventure?

If you are looking to venture out of your egg decorating comfort zone, try this little twist on classic egg decorating and create yourself some dyed eggs with skittles! Yup, my friends, check out these Skittles Dyed Easter Eggs!

They are so easy, and if you are a Skittles fan once you are done decorating, you get to partake in some sugary treats.

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Super Easy Skittles Dyed Easter Eggs

Whether you are just looking for a fun and easy Easter craft to do with your kiddos or you are hosting a family and friends Easter egg hunt, these skittles dyed eggs will be an absolute hit with everyone! Let your littles get as creative as they want to be when mixing the colors too!

What’s Needed To Decorate Your Skittles Dyed Easter Eggs:

●  Hardboiled Eggs

●  Skittles Candies (Original & Wild Berry)

●  Vinegar

●  Hot Water

●  Plastic Cups

●  Plastic Spoons

●  Measuring cup

●  Tray or plate lined with a paper towel

●  Optional: gloves


1. Place 25-30 skittles of one color in a cup, or mix the skittles up to see what colors you can create.

Skittles candies in plastic cups seperated by color

2. Add one hardboiled egg to each one of the colored cups.

hard-boiled eggs in plastic cups of skittles candy

3. Next, add 1 teaspoon of vinegar.

pouring vinegar on hard-boiled eggs in plastic cups of skittles candy

4. And as much hot water as needed to cover the egg.

hard-boiled eggs in plastic cups of skittles candy pouring hot water into the cups

5. Let the egg sit in the dye for a few minutes (3-4 minutes) then gently mix the dye with a spoon with the egg still in the cup. Stir the egg around until it is colored completely.

5 cups full of skittles candy dye, plastic spoons, and eggs soaking

6. Let the egg sit in the cups for 15 minutes, then take out and set on paper towels to dry.

hard-boiled eggs in plastic cups of skittles candy with spoons for mixxing
5 cups of skittles dye with 12 completed hard-boiled eggs

7. Repeat steps 1-5 with other skittle colors. You can reuse the skittle water for 1-2 more uses.

Final Skittles Dyed Eggs In A Bowl with skittles candy on table

Easter Egg Activities: Different Ways To Use Your Skittles Easter Eggs

So what do you do now that you have all these colorful Easter eggs? You can keep them in the fridge, crack, peel, and eat them, or you can have a little bit of fun with them with one or all of these Easter egg activities!

Here are some creative Easter egg activities to use these Skittles Dyed Easter Eggs

Host An Easter Egg Hunt, With Variations

Ok, so you might be wondering, “Does this lady realize these are hardboiled eggs? You can’t hide candy in hardboiled eggs!”

Yes, I know…hear me out. There are a few ways you can have an Easter egg hunt with your Skittles Dyed Easter Eggs.

You can assign the different colors a different prize! For example:

●  Yellow eggs = 2 pieces of candy (jelly beans, peeps, speckled eggs)

●  Red eggs = chocolate candy pieces or a chocolate bunny

●  Blue eggs = bubbles, stickers, chalk

●  Green eggs = a small stuffed bunny

OR you can assign each child a color, and each child must collect all their eggs. When all the eggs are collected, every child receives a prize. You can even do bonus prizes for the child who finds their eggs first, second, third, etc.   If you want to make it REALLY fun if a child finds an egg that is not theirs, they can rehide it in a better hiding spot! It will be an Easter Egg Hunt like no other!

Easter Egg Relay Race This is an excellent activity for grown-ups to join in on along with the kids. Divide your players into teams. Then each team is divided into two groups, Group A and Group B. Group A is on one side of the lawn, and Group B is on the opposite side.

The first player is given a hardboiled egg on a spoon to carry from Group A to Group B. Once the player reaches the other side, the spoon holding the egg is handed off to the next teammate, who brings it back to Group A to the next competitor.

If the egg falls off the spoon at any time, the player must go back to their starting place and begin again. The team who completes the relay WINS!

You can complete this relay with raw eggs, but you might end up going through a few dozen eggs!

Egg Bowling

This is another fun Easter egg activity! Similar to bocce ball but this activity can be played inside or outside. Each player chooses a colored hardboiled egg. A white, undyed hardboiled egg is used as the target. Each player will roll their egg as close to the white egg without touching it. Keep a tally of each round, and when the first player gets 5 or 10 points, they win the game!

Spend Quality Time As A Family

Decorating Easter eggs is such a fun activity to do together as a family, no matter the ages of your kiddos.

Pick a weekend day, or if you are homeschoolers like we are, add egg decorating into your art or science timeslot! Gather the supplies, the kids, and enjoy this fun-filled Easter egg activity together!

Happy Easter!

Do you have a unique way of decorating your Easter eggs? I would love for you to share your ideas in the comments below!

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