Memorable First Birthday Gifts Baby Will Adore

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Inside: A first birthday is a special celebration, here are a few memorable first birthday gifts sure to be a hit with your little one!

Perfect first birthday gifts can be incredibly challenging to find. Nothing will ever be as magical as your baby’s first birthday so of course, you want to get a first birthday gift for your child, niece or nephew that’s equally as special as they are.

My Lil’ Man’s first birthday was only back in April, and I remember it so vividly. Especially the hunt for the best first birthday gift! Whether it’s your firstborn’s first birthday or your fourth born (like me), your child’s first birthday will always be a special and unforgettable event.

When I was searching high and low for the perfect first birthday gift for Lil Man a few months ago, I came across some truly wonderful first birthday gifts. I thought it only right to share my findings with you to help you in the hunt for your child, niece, or nephew’s first birthday gift.

As a mama, I know that no birthday gift under the sun will come anywhere close to being as special as the gift of life… But a mama’s gotta try, right?

Keep reading if you’re searching for amazing first birthday gift ideas for boys, perfect first birthday gift ideas for girls, and the best first birthday gifts ever!

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First Birthday Gift Ideas

Three of my four children’s first birthdays have long been gone, but I’ll never forget any of their first birthday gifts. So much thought went into the toys, books, and clothes they received as first birthday gifts from friends and family.

I know all too well that the first year of a child’s life goes far too quickly. It feels like only yesterday I was holding this precious, brand new life in my arms.

Over the course of 12 little months, you get to see your child growing and developing at a monumental rate. The first year is the most full-on and exciting as they explore the brand new world around them and grow into their own little person.

Sometimes I felt that I needed the entire first year of my child’s life to decide what first birthday gift to get them! I’m sure you can relate! By this age, they’re very clearly showing their preferences for certain things. Some children will like anything with wheels, while others will lean towards toys that make noise or have unique textures.

You know your child better than anyone else, but the market is saturated with baby toys, books and clothes and that could make for a perfect first birthday gift…

So what do you choose?

First Birthday Gift Ideas For Boys

Little boy smashing his first birthday cake with the word one and blue and white decorations

At this age, you’ll be looking for a first birthday gift that not only brings your child joy but also stimulates their learning. This VTech Sit-to-Stand Ultimate Alphabet Train will do just that.

The VTech Sit-to-Stand Ultimate Alphabet Train is the ultimate push toy that’s designed to grow with your child. Your little one can use it as a floor toy or a ride on. And it transforms into a walker or wagon they can fill with toys.

This incredible boy’s first birthday gift has 10 activities, storybook, clock, gears, alphabet blocks, and more! If you want a first birthday gift to help build fine motor skills while introducing letters, numbers, and colors, this is it!

Another of Lil Man’s favorite first birthday gifts was this Little Tikes 3-in-1 Sports Zone. This toy is hours of fun and stimulation! It keeps him active and gets his brain working on essential skills like coordination and problem-solving.

He absolutely adores this toy and plays on it every single day, even months after his birthday. This first birthday gift is undoubtedly a winner in my books.

I’m not even sure what to call this next first birthday gift idea… It’s some kind of ball pit, play tent and tunnel extravaganza! The bright colors and customizable maze options will keep your child entertained for hours and ensure that they never get bored.

First Birthday Gift Ideas For Girls

One year old little girl eating her smash cake with balloons and first birthday gifts surrounding her

I’m a big fan of first birthday gifts that also encourage learning. This pink VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker makes for a fantastic first birthday gift for a girl. 

It’s interactive, which helps to develop fine motor skills, encourages creativity and the pretend telephone stimulates their imagination through role-playing.

First birthday gift ideas for girls don’t get much more adorable than this Le Papillon Pink Princess Tent Ball Pit that pops up and folds up into a carrying case so you can use it as a play tent both indoors and outdoors.

Transport your little girl into a pretty pink princess world of her own where she can learn and play no matter where you are.

I love LeapFrog products and think they make amazing first birthday gifts. This LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party is no exception.

It’s a light-up ten-piece set that holds songs and surprises for your child to uncover. This first birthday gift will help to teach colors, matching, manners, greetings, and counting.

Best First Birthday Gifts

On my list of first birthday gift ideas, I’ve saved the best till last. This was actually my Lil Man’s first birthday gift. After hours of searching for the perfect present, we came across this Rockin’ Rider Charger 2-in-1 Ride-On Pony.

Funnily enough, Lil Man received more than one rocking horse for his first birthday, and all my other children have had a rocking horse at one point or another as a child. A rocking horse seems to be a pretty good first birthday gift idea for boys and girls alike.

Until you begin to look, it’s hard to imagine just how many first birthday gifts there are out there! You’re spoilt for choice!

The best first birthday gift is going to be one that they can get a lot of use out of, stimulates their development and brings them joy. To me, that sums up the perfect first birthday gift for any child.

I would love to know what perfect first birthday gift your little one loved the best on their special day! Comment below to share!

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Memorable First Birthday Gifts

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