24 Reasons Your Homeschoolers Will Love This Year’s Halloween


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Inside: Fun Halloween activities that are surprisingly educational! These 24 fun Halloween activities are sure to delight and inspire your kids. Perfect for all ages!

Our family looks forward to the Fall season every year. The cooler Florida weather (if you can call the 80s cooler), pumpkin spice lattes, the smell of cinnamon, and the taste of pumpkin pie are pure joy.

Fall also means the month of October, particularly. That means it’s time for our annual Halloween homeschool party!

Each year, the kids and I decorate the house in preparation for our Halloween party. Some years we dress up in our costumes, but mostly we partake in fun Halloween activities and enjoy our yummy Halloween party food.

Since our party is during our homeschool day, I try and keep all the fun Halloween activities educational in nature.

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Things To Do On Halloween For Your Homeschool Party

However, just because I plan for educational activities for our homeschool Halloween party doesn’t mean they aren’t fun. Sheesh, I am not a total witch.

In fact, we wind up having a blast and learning in the process. Illustrated by the fact that the kids look forward to our Halloween parties each year and all the fun things we do on Halloween.

One of my favorite ways to find things to do on Halloween for our Halloween homeschool party is to search Pinterest and to search other blogs for fun Halloween activities.

To help you with your search and save you some time, I have included some of my favorite fun Halloween activities broken down by age group.

Now, let’s get to planning that frightfully fun Halloween homeschool party!

Halloween Toddler Activities

What a fun age for a Halloween homeschool party! I am looking forward to my little guy joining us this year for our festivities. Little man loves to join us at the table when we are working on our daily studies.

Our Halloween party will be no different. I am sure of that.

I am pretty confident I found some fun Halloween toddler activities to keep Lil’ man busy and learning.

Halloween coloring pages

What toddler doesn’t like to color? Lil’ Mans feels like a big boy when he gets to open his crayon box with his Jumbo Crayola Crayons and join in the school day with his big sisters.

If you have a toddler similar to mine be sure to check out these adorable Halloween coloring pages.

From Artsy Mama these Halloween themed Free Halloween Coloring Pages Printable For Kids. They are perfect for any age, not just toddlers! Plus emerging readers can practice spelling and reading while they color.

Craft With Sarah offers this Free Happy Halloween Coloring Page Printable.

If Halloween coloring pages aren’t really your toddler’s jam, why not capture their attention and their little hands with these Easy Halloween Handprint Crafts For Kids?

Halloween Preschool Activities

Many preschoolers will love to partake in the Halloween coloring pages as well. I mean, I am 40-something and still LOVE to color. Don’t you?

But one Halloween preschool activity sure to be a hit are these charming Halloween Handpuppets from Party with Unicorns.

Halloween Handpuppets from Party with Unicorns.

Or how about this Super Cute Paper Plate Spider Craft or these Mini Eraser Monster Counting Cards?

Halloween Kid Activities

These fun Halloween activities are sure to amuse and entertain your preschooler. 

With these wickedly fun Halloween activities, your kids won’t even realize they are learning.

Play this festive Pumpkin Drop Game indoor or outdoor. 

Pumpkin Foam Faces Fridge Magnets – Art and Math (shapes)

Fun Halloween Activities Pumpkin Foam Faces Fridge Magnets

Halloween Word Search Printable Worksheet – Vocabulary, Spelling, & Reading

Halloween Crossword Puzzle Free Printable – Vocabulary, Spelling, & Reading

Halloween Teens Activities

If your homeschoolers are a little older, you might get an eye roll if you dare mention coloring. No need to worry, though, I have some enjoyable educational Halloween activities that just might be a pleasant surprise for your teens.

Halloween Stem Project Ideas

Have your teen don their lab coat and become a mad scientist for these Fall stem activities.

Mad Scientist Green Punch Recipe and Fun Experiment

Blood Cell Model Science Activity

How Many Rubber Bands Does it Take to Explode a Pumpkin?

If your kids are anything like mine, they could play the role of mad scientist all day, every day!

However, if they aren’t, and they prefer less ooey-gooey activities, then keep reading.

Halloween story

Let your teen’s imagination run wild while they create a short Halloween story with this free Halloween printable.


Your teen will choose a card from each pile (Character, Setting, and First Line) to complete their short Halloween story. Then share the stories with the rest of the family while enjoying some delicious Halloween party food!

Download your free Halloween Story Cards printable now!

Fun Halloween Activities For All Ages

Have kids of all ages? Delight your little and big ghouls with these festive fall activities perfect for the entire family.

Halloween Memory Match Game

3 Sets of Free Printable Halloween Bingo Cards

Eyeball Halloween Game Hunt

Pumpkin Poppers Halloween Party Game for Kids

Zombie Body Parts Toss Game

Halloween Party Food

What party would be complete without some alarmingly spooktacular treats?

The best part? Making treats is educational too!

Measurements and Mixing, oh my!

One of our favorite Halloween party foods are these scrumptious Tombstone Brownies that are just to die for. Sorry, a little graveyard humor!

Halloween graveyard brownies

They are straightforward to make too which is awesome!

What you need:

●  Your favorite store-bought brownies, I use Duncan Hines Brownie Mix, Milk Chocolate or Betty Crocker Delights, Supreme Triple Chunk Brownie Mix.

●  Pepperidge Farm, Milano Cookies, Dark Chocolate

●  Bakerpan Food Coloring Markers, Fine Tip, Black Or You can melt chocolate chips like the picture.   

●  Green sprinkles 


  1. Bake the boxed brownies per the provided instructions.
  2. While the brownies are baking, cut the Milano cookies in half.
  3. Use the food coloring markers to write sayings on the tombstones (cookies). Or melt chocolate chips and use a toothpick to write the sayings. 
  4. After the brownies have cooled some, but before they cool completely, place the halved cookies into the brownies.
  5. Make small grass piles in front of the tombstones with green sprinkles. 


Certainly you need more than one dish to make it a party, I have rounded up even more of my favorite Halloween party food for you and your ghouls.

Witch Hat Cookies

Halloween Pumpkin Pie

Witch’s Broomstick Snacks

Popcorn Hand

Halloween Monster Pops

Orange Fruit-Filled Jack-O-Lanterns

Free Halloween Printables

I shared some fantastic free Halloween printables above, and I would hate for you to miss them. It felt it only right that they receive an encore. I mean, they are cute and free.

Here’s a recap of 9 free Halloween printables to include in your arsenal of fun Halloween activities.

Halloween themed Free Halloween Coloring Pages Printable For Kids.

Free Happy Halloween Coloring Page Printable

Halloween Handpuppets

Mini Eraser Monster Counting Cards

Halloween Memory Match Game

3 Sets of Free Printable Halloween Bingo Cards

Halloween Word Search Printable Worksheet

Halloween Crossword Puzzle Free Printable

Halloween Story Card Printable

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Final Thoughts On Things To Do On Halloween

When planning a homeschool Halloween party, these fun Halloween activities are a perfect way to spend the day learning with your kids.

Not up for a party? That’s ok! I hope you consider sprinkling many of the above fun educational Halloween activities into your daily homeschool lessons during October.

I am confident your kids will love all of the themed learning experiences and the memories made together.

Happy Halloween!

Do you have a Halloween party for your homeschoolers? I would love to hear how you celebrate Halloween with your family in the comments below.

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