8 Popular Home Remedies For Morning Sickness That Really Work

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Experiencing morning sickness is never any fun! Today, I am going to share a few tips on the home remedies for morning sickness I tried to find relief. Because I don’t know anyone who likes to wake up feeling nauseous!

pregnant mom using home remedies for morning sickness

I lift my head only slightly, and the wave of nausea washes over me. I lay there for a few minutes, wondering how long it will last this time. I reach for a sip of water and look at the clock.

It’s 2 pm in the afternoon. Why in the world is it called morning sickness when it lasts all day?

In my last pregnancy, I was sick 24/7. That was no exaggeration. From 7 weeks pregnant until 16 weeks of pregnancy, I suffered from severe “morning” sickness.  Man, did it SUCK! I could barely function most days, let alone take care of my older kids.

I was desperate to find relief so I could care for my girls and continue our homeschooling lessons. I was thankful for their support but I needed to be able to function!

I couldn’t take it anymore! I forced myself to search for home remedies for morning sickness.

If you are currently suffering from all-day pregnancy nausea and struggle to maintain your normal routine, these are some of the best home remedies for morning sickness that many moms swear by to help you get some relief.

Keep in mind that some of these solutions may work for some and not for others, but they are certainly worth a try if they can help you find relief from all-day pregnancy nausea, right?

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Trying Home Remedies For Morning Sickness First

As many pregnant mothers will tell you, morning sickness is no fun. And when “morning” sickness extends all day…well it is REALLY not fun.

Did you know morning sickness typically starts by the 6th week of pregnancy and lasts until around the second trimester? The timeline can be different for each person, but the majority of pregnant women experience morning sickness during these times.

Luckily, there are a few ways to get relief from morning sickness. And most mamas I know prefer to try natural remedies for morning sickness over potentially harmful prescriptions. It can be a trial and error process, but there are a few home remedies for morning sickness that many moms-to-be and providers have sworn by when it comes to getting relief from morning sickness.

****DisclaimerInformation provided in this article is meant to provide general information. Use what you learn here to start a good conversation with your care provider. Together you will be able to determine a plan that is best for your specific needs.****

8 Home Remedies For Morning Sickness Relief

1) Eat Small Meals Frequently Throughout the Day

While not eating can make your nausea worse, eating large meals can also make it worse. Eating smaller meals throughout the day can help keep something in your stomach, which will help fight the nausea feeling.

Many doctors and other moms also recommend that you keep snacks with you at all times so that you can try snacking and grazing throughout the day to help settle your stomach. Try eating a small meal every couple of hours to keep something in your stomach.

pregnant mom in kitchen surrounded by healthy fruit and vegetables

2) Watch What You Eat

When you suffer from morning sickness, you will want to be more careful with what you put in your stomach. Fatty and greasy foods, as well as spicy foods, are some of the most popular contributors to morning sickness. It’s important to note that really sweet foods and caffeine are also significant contributors to nausea, so you will want to avoid those as much as you can.

Some moms-to-be may have different tastes, so you may find that particular foods will turn your stomach while another mom-to-be swears to it. It is all about finding out what works for you.

For most, bland, dry foods, or those that are low in fat and high in protein can be less likely to cause nausea. Examples of dry foods are crackers, toast, and dry cereal. You can also try pretzels, broths, or applesauce as some have claimed that those foods have helped those who suffer from nausea.

3) Try Eating Ginger or Mint

Ginger and mint are commonly used as a natural way to treat nausea and upset stomachs. There is no real proof that either can cure nausea, but many people have recommended that adding some ginger or mint in your diet is effective when it comes to upset stomachs and nausea.

You can put a little ginger in your tea, sip some ginger ale, or even snack on some gingersnaps or these ginger raspberry lozenge to help soothe your stomach. For mint, you can put some fresh mint into your water or tea, suck on a peppermint candy, or chew mint-flavored gum.

Depending on your health conditions, your provider may recommend that you limit the amount of ginger you have, so you will want to be sure to check with your provider before you load up on a ginger diet.

4) Smell the Fresh Air

Sometimes women can get nausea feelings from certain potent smells, scents, foods, etc. because of the estrogen hormone. If a particular smell turns your stomach, getting some fresh air will help a little.

If you aren’t able to open a window or take a walk for some fresh air, you can try spritzing the scent of lemon or rosemary to help ease the nausea feeling.

5) Drink Plenty of Water

You need to drink enough water throughout the day to stay hydrated, but when you are pregnant, it is even more important to stay hydrated so that you and baby can stay healthy.

Dehydration can lead your body to feel nauseous. Sipping on cold water or sucking on ice chips throughout the day is an excellent way for you to keep the water going into your body. If you don’t like plain water, you can always add a few drops of lemon, mint, or other citrus flavorings to make it more appealing.

pregnant mom relaxing and reading by the lake

6) Rest & Relax

Your body is going through a lot while you are pregnant. Be kind to yourself and remember, getting plenty of rest is recommended.

Sometimes, taking a nap or going to sleep can help soothe the morning sickness. You will want to avoid lying down after you have eaten because this can put extra pressure on your stomach and make nausea worse.

In addition to resting, relaxation is another tool that may be helpful when it comes to kicking the morning sickness feeling. Try to do something relaxing that will take your mind off of nausea.

This may include closing that computer screen and putting down the phone with the bright screen to read a book or watch the rainfall as you relax on the couch or in bed.

7) Take Prenatal Vitamin at Night

Sometimes, prenatal vitamins can be the cause of morning sickness, but it is essential to keep taking it so that you and your baby get enough vitamins. If you find that taking your prenatal vitamin in the morning causes an upset stomach, try taking it at night right before bed.

If you take a separate iron supplement, this too can cause an upset stomach and constipation, so be sure to take it with a meal and increase your fluid intake.

8) Additional Alternative Home Remedies for Morning Sickness

Some additional alternative home remedies for morning sickness to try that are safe during pregnancy are sea-bands, acupuncture, aromatherapy, and hypnotherapy. I personally wore sea-bands for a good portion of those 9 weeks I suffered from morning sickness. I would suggest picking up two pairs so you can rotate them after cleaning. 

Hopefully, one of these home remedies for morning sickness will help you find relief and have you back to feeling like you can take on the world in no time! And try and remember (I know it is hard) that this feeling won’t last forever!

pregnant mom taking prenatal vitamins

When home remedies for morning sickness aren’t helping

If you have tried different home remedies for morning sickness and haven’t been able to get any relief, talk with your doctor to see if there is a recommended medication that he or she can prescribe. Your doctor can help you choose the one that is best for you and can go over, in detail, the pros and cons of taking the medication.

My doctor felt it was not in my best interest to take prescription medication but provided a solution in the form of an over the counter combination of B6 and Unisom. Talking to your OB should be your first step if you feel like you can’t manage your morning sickness.  Ask your OB or midwife if you can add B6 to your regime.

If you suffer from frequent morning sickness, a great way to keep track of some of the triggers is to keep a pregnancy journal or morning sickness log. As you keep the log, you can see if the morning sickness or nausea is coming at the same time every day, you can track what scents or triggers you may have, and you can keep track of different methods you have tried to and if they help.

Have you tried any home remedies for morning sickness? I would love for you to share what worked for you below in the comments!

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8 home remedies for morning sickness
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