How An Airbnb Disney Villa Can Save Money On Your Disney World Vacation Stay

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Inside: Learn how staying off Disney World property can save you money on your next Disney World vacation with an Airbnb Disney Villa.

How an Airbnb Disney Villa Can Save You Money on Your Disney World Vacation

As a large homeschooling family, I understand needing to be frugal when planning family vacations. We can’t always afford a yearly vacation and when we do get to take a vacation we need to stretch our small budget.

Living in Florida, Orlando seems to be our go-to vacation spot since it is a short drive and has lots to do that the whole family enjoys.  We have gotten pretty good at planning Disney vacations on a tight budget.

One way we stretch our dollar is on the cost of our hotel. We have found renting an Airbnb Disney Villa can save us hundreds of dollars on our family vacation. Keep reading to learn how you too can save money on your next Disney family vacation with Airbnb.

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Researching Disney World Area Hotels

Whenever I start planning our Disney vacation I begin by researching hotels looking for the best deals. I typically book with Priceline and use their bidding or express options. However, as a family of six (sometimes five if Tman doesn’t come with us), we needed a suite or two rooms to ensure we had enough space and adhered to the maximum occupants in a room.

When I began searching for suites, I saw prices of $300- $400+ a night. If we booked two rooms we weren’t even guaranteed they would be connecting and prices would equate to the same as a suite if not slightly more depending on the hotel we chose. With those prices, we wouldn’t be able to stay for more than a few nights.

Booking An Airbnb Disney Villa near Disney World

That’s when I decided to look into Airbnb, and I am so glad I did. We were able to stay in a four-bedroom Airbnb Villa near Disney World with a private pool for an entire week (five nights) for what two nights at a hotel in a family suite (or two separate rooms) would have cost. Below are some of the many positives of renting an Airbnb Orlando Villa.

An Airbnb Disney Villa Can Make Large Family Vacationing Affordable

If you are a large family like we are then you know finding a place with enough space for your entire family can be challenging and/or costly. Typically, renting a home or villa is usually more affordable than booking a suite or multiple rooms.

Not to mention a rental can provide you with multiple bedrooms to meet all your family’s needs and much more space than a hotel room. Here is a comparison of the price breakdown of a suite per night*, one hotel room* (times 2 for all of us to fit), and a five-night stay at Airbnb Disney Villa not far from Disney World property. *taxes and fees excluded

To help save you even more here is my Airbnb coupon code for $40 off. It might not seem like huge savings, but I am of the mindset every little bit helps!

All the Space and Maybe a Pool

The rentals of Airbnb include apartments, townhouses, villas, cabins, or houses. This means you can wind up with much more space than a few hundred feet you get with a hotel room. The Airbnb Disney Villa we rented was a four-bedroom pool home.

The kids had their rooms, and we had ours. No cramming into one small space on top of each other. Oh, and TWO bathrooms! I was even able to use one of the bedrooms to teach in the early morning hours with VIPKid (yes, I was working on vacation- but only a little) and not disturb my family or my neighbors.

Plus, when the baby was ready to go to sleep each night we didn’t have to tip-toe around and whisper. If you have ever had a baby in a hotel room with five other people, you will know this alone is worth its weight in gold!

The kids absolutely loved having the pool to themselves and being able to head right out back when they wanted a quick swim.  It also allowed us to remain together as a family instead of one parent down at the pool while the other was in the room with the napping baby.

Airbnb Disney Villa rental pool
The pool at our Airbnb Orlando Villa rental

Many Airbnb Rentals Offer A Full Kitchen

Dealing with food intolerances at home is bad enough but trying to deal with them while on vacation is even less fun. Eating out at most restaurants is out of the question due to cross-contamination.  A major thumbs up is with staying in a short-term rental like a villa is that it came with a full kitchen.

Not only were we able to accommodate the food intolerances for my breastfed son but we saved a ton of money by eating breakfast at “home” before we hit the parks at Disney World, packed sandwiches for lunch (Disney World allows outside food and beverages), and cooked dinner in the kitchen on a few nights too. 

We saved hundreds of dollars by avoiding drive-thru and not eating at the parks. 

A Few Tips Before you book your Airbnb Orlando Vacation Rental

Make sure you thoroughly read the previous Airbnb guest reviews. Not only can this tell you a lot about the host and how they might solve any issues that arise, but it will also shed some light on the cleanliness and location of the rental.

*The exact location will not be revealed but you will get an idea of how far away it is to grocery stores, restaurants, theme parks, etc.  You can find reviews on the rental description page and the host page.

Read and understand the description of the rental, what is included in the rental, any rules, (some have rules about additional guests, parking, smoking, pets, etc.)  fees associated with the rental (cleaning, service fees, etc.) and the cancellation policy. Be aware that Airbnb rentals are not hotels.

So, while you gain some things (more space, a kitchen, maybe a pool or garage), there are some things that you will give up like daily housekeeping, room service, or shuttles to the park. For us, the tradeoff is well worth the savings.

Save Money on Your Disney Vacation With Airbnb

Looking To Book A Vacation? Save more with an Airbnb coupon

Are you interested in trying Airbnb out for one of your vacations? By going through my link, you can save $40 on your first booking! Who doesn’t love extra savings? This Airbnb coupon code does not expire so you can sign up for an account and it will just save the coupon for when you plan your trip in the future.

I would love to hear from you! Have you booked a stay with an Airbnb rental? Drop me a line below about your experience. Would you book a rental with Airbnb again?

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