10 Delightful Mom and Baby Costumes You Will Love

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Inside: Mom and baby costume duos sure to delight, not fright, this Halloween. Create lasting memories for baby’s first Halloween with these brilliant mom and baby costume matchups.

As if babies aren’t already adorable enough, then you dress them up as a baby lion cub or a mini Rosie the Riveter and cue the oohs and awes. What could be more fun than dressing baby in an adorable costume?

That would be a mom and baby costume, of course! When you are planning your little one’s, Halloween costume this year be sure to add a matching one for yourself.

Though finding pre-packaged matching mom and baby costumes might be challenging to find. You don’t need fancy costumes that break the budget. Some costumes you might even be able to throw together from items you already own.

If you aren’t handy with a needle and thread or if those Etsy handmade costumes are out of your budget, don’t fret. With a little bit of imagination and stellar planning (or some quick shipping from Amazon), you can come up with a costume duo that is sure to be the envy at any Halloween bash.

Here are some absolutely fun and easy to put together mom and baby costume ideas.

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Mommy & Me Halloween Costumes

Police Officer & Play Pen Jailbird

This duo is such a classic combo. Mom can pair this police shirt with some black leggings and a few accessories like this police hat and classic aviator shades to complete the look. Since baby nabbed mama’s heart, this little time-out jailbird costume is only fitting.

Shop for the Police Officer costume here.
Shop for the Play Pen Baby Jailbird costume here.

RingMaster & Baby Lion Cub

Some days motherhood can feel like we are trying to tame our little beasts. So why not dress the part with this adorable match up. Mom as the lion tamer and baby as the baby lion cub. For the mom who prefers to dress up without going all out, simply tone down the costume (ditch the wig, the necktie, and whip).

Shop for the Ringmaster costume here.
Shop for the Baby Lion Cub costume here.

Ghostbuster & Stay Puff Marshmallow

When there’s something strange in your neighborhood…As a child who grew up in the ’80s, this duo evokes feelings of nostalgia. Plus, the costume even comes with an inflatable proton pack! Do you want to take your costumes to the next level? Wheel your little Stay Puff around in the ecto1 wagon. Check out this DIY cozy coupe ecto1 wagon.

Shop for the Ghostbuster costume here.
Shop for the Stay Puff costume here.

Little Red Riding Hood and Baby Wolf

This duo is a classic for sure. Far from being terrifying, this fuzzy little wolf costume will make you want to cuddle your adorable little wolf instead of running away in fear! Don’t forget to pack some tasty treats in your basket on the way to “grandmother’s” house. 

Shop for the Little Red Riding Hood costume here.
Shop for the Baby Wolf costume here.

The Mother of Dragons & Her Little Dragon

Alright, if you are a Game of Thrones fan, these are for you! Mom as Daenerys Targaryen (or one of her many other titles: Mother of Dragons, Khaleesi, Lady of Dragonstone, Protector of the Seven Kingdoms, The Unburnt) and baby as Rhaegal you are sure to set the Halloween festivities aflame (see what I did there). I can’t promise you will be the only ones dressed as a member of the Game of Thrones cast, but I can promise you will certainly look cool. And mom, your Daenerys costume won’t be complete without the wig!

Shop for the Mother of Dragons costume here.
Shop for the Baby Dragon costume here.

Lifeguard and Baby Shark Doo doo doo!

Yes, I know. I am awful. Thanks to me, you will now have the baby shark song stuck in your head for the rest of the day. I’m sorry, really, I am. But how cute are this mom and baby costume? A simple lifeguard shirt paired with red shorts (or pants depending on the weather) for mom and you and your little shark are ready to wade through the sea of trick or treaters.

Shop for the Lifeguard costume here.
Shop for the Baby Shark costume here.

Minnie Mouse & Mickey Mouse

As a Disney lover, I am a little partial to this matchup. I can’t help but think that my little man wouldn’t mind either since we love dancing to the “Hot Dog Dance” while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Mom, you can pair your Minnie costume with black flats or heels. But if you really want to be in full Minnie attire, these yellow Chase & Chloe Mary Jane Pumps are a perfect accessory to complete the look. 

Shop for the Minnie Mouse costume here.
Shop for the Mickey Mouse costume here.

Bunny & Baby Carrot

Can you say hello comfy and adorable? This fuzzy bunny mom costume is my kind of attire! I mean if you are looking for the ultimate comfort costume then dressing up in bunny PJs are the way to go. And baby all snug in their costume is cute enough to eat. Probably best for a younger baby who prefers swaddling over a little one who will try to break free all night.

Shop for the Bunny costume here.
Shop for the Baby Carrot costume here.

Little Bo Peep & Her Little Sheep

This duo is inspired by the famous nursery rhyme and has you both looking like you just stepped out of a children’s storybook. Little Bo Peep is the perfect complement to this adorable little sheep. Be sure to keep an eye on this precious little sheep while dressed as Little Bo Peep, mama.

Shop for the Little Bo Peep costume here.
Shop for the Little Lamb costume here.

Queen Hippolyta & Baby Wonder Woman

What could be cooler than dressing as an Amazon Queen and a Demi-God? I can still remember watching Linda Carter twirl around into her Wonder Woman costume. The new Wonder Woman movies exude girl power! I am sure most if not all moms would love for their little girls to look up to Wonder Woman.

Shop for the Queen Hippolyta costume here.
Shop for the Baby Wonder Woman costume here.

Tips On Choosing A Mom And Baby Costume

  • Consider the weather. The last thing you want when you spend the time or money to plan out matching costumes is for you or baby to freeze/sweat the entire night.
  • Be mindful of the fabric! When shopping online, make sure you read the fabric description.  
  • Read the reviews. I never buy anything online without reading the reviews. Read up on the opinions of the previous shoppers to know more about the fit and feel of the costume.
  • Make sure to comparison shop. Check out other Amazon sellers as well as other retailers like Walmart, Target, and Party City. Also, keep in mind the closer you get to Halloween costume prices will fluctuate.

Final Thoughts About Mom and Baby Costumes

Whether your costumes are store-bought, handmade, or semi handmade it really doesn’t matter. What matters is the amazing memories you are making with your child. How fun will it be when you both look back at pictures and share laughs and smiles? 

I admit I am a little bummed that I never dressed up with any of my kids when they were babies. Such a missed opportunity that would have made for wonderful family stories.

Get the Whole Family Costumes

If you have additional children or a willing significant other, why not make an entire theme so your whole family can take part. Most of the costumes above can easily have another costume added. The possibilities are endless!

family carving pumpkin dressed for halloween

If you decide on something genuinely unique, make sure you allow yourself plenty of time for ordering, whether from a store or when having it made. You don’t want to cut shipping so close that you will be out of costumes if something doesn’t fit.

Have you dressed up with your baby or children for Halloween? Which mom and baby costume combination is your favorite? I would love for you to let me know in the comments below

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mom and baby costumes you will love
mom and baby costume duos for halloween

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