The Best Part Of Being A Mom With Boys

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mom with boys laughing while toddler is climbing on her back

Inside: I am lucky enough to be a mom of boys and girls. But there is something truly amazing about being a mom with boys that only other boy moms understand.

There’s so much I love about being a mom with boys, but recently, someone asked me what the best part about being a mom with boys is. That got me thinking about everything I enjoy about raising boys and all the things that only moms with boys will understand.

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Things Only A Mom With Boys Understand

As a mom of boys, there are certain things only we will understand. At the top of the list is the endless energy supply boys seem to have! Though my boys differ in age by 17 years, my boys are forever running, climbing, jumping, and laughing.

Sometimes, I think a barrel of monkeys would be tamer! And with all this movement and energy comes bumps and bruises, of course.

Roughhousing Is The Norm

Only moms with boys will understand that roughhousing is just part of the course. My boys have this incredible ability to turn just about any room in the house into a wrestling ring. Or a Jedi training ring (lightsabers included).

The cabinets in my house are stocked with ice packs and bandaids for those inevitable ouchies.

And for some reason, boys enjoy hitting each other.

Most of the time, it’s just play fighting, but sometimes things go a little far while playing and all hell breaks loose.

Clothes Won’t Last Long

No matter where you are, boys will play on the floor. Don’t bank on having hand-me-downs because boys will ruin their clothes even before they have a chance to grow out of them.

Jeans will have holes in the knees, and t-shirts will get worn sleeves.

My top tip for moms with boys is to cut jeans and jogging bottoms with holes in the knees into shorts to extend their use.

Expect Lots Of Dirt and Ickiness

If you’re a mother of boys, you’ll know all too well that they’ll get dirty without even trying to! Who needs toys when you have dirt and puddles!?

Boys tend to be practical learners and love nothing more than getting their hands dirty. It’s how our beloved boys like to explore the world around them.

There will be plenty of nose-picking, belching, and farting too! And where girls might do this. Boys usually are happy to make a contest out of all of it.

boys doing headstands in grass laughing

They Are Bored Almost Immediately

With all the energy they have, they are in constant motion. They bounce from one thing to the next in superhuman speed.

Some days I cannot think of enough activities to keep Little Man busy.  As soon as I believe we have found an activity to keep him occupied for more than five minutes, he is off exploring something else.

I highly recommend having a variety of educational activities or toys available to help combat their boredom.

They Will Eat You Out Of House And Home

And another thing our precious boys will do is eat you out of house and home. Until you have boys, you’ll never have seen hunger like it.

They will eat and eat and eat.

I am pretty sure our grocery bill doubled when Tman hit puberty!

The Difference Between Moms With Boys and Moms With Girls

I’m lucky enough to have both, but there is a difference between moms with boys and moms with girls. First and foremost, moms with boys are used to dealing with disasters of every magnitude.

I have experienced everything from holes in walls to carpet stains. And let me tell you, it’s just part of day to day life as a mom with boys! Because of this, we tend to be more laid back than mothers of girls.

Another thing I’ve noticed about moms with boys is that there is less focus on the latest fashion trends than moms of girls. Instead, the main concern I have about clothes as a mom of boys is buying things that will last!

The very last thing you worry about is the latest fashion trends when you’re a mother of boys.

Well, until they hit their teenage years. Then if they are anything like Tman, they need to be on-trend with their wardrobe choices, and then it feels like you have a house of all girls.

son hugging mom who is holding flowers

Raising Boys To Be Men

If you want to raise your boys to be respectable men, there are a few things they’re going to need help with from their mothers instead of their fathers. The most important thing a mother can help her boy with is managing his emotions.

Both boys and men can be hot-headed and impulsive at times, but with help from you, he can learn appropriate and healthy ways to manage his emotions.

To further your young man’s emotional intelligence, teach him empathy. The ability to understand and share the feelings of others will help your little boy grow into a respectable and kind young man. 

Strengthening your little man’s self-confidence will help him as he grows into a man. Often, men who are not self-confident try to overcompensate in unhealthy ways.

They might act out or be disrespectful to mask their insecurities. By teaching your boy self-confidence, he’ll become a wonderful man whose confidence cannot be shaken.

The Special Bond Between Mom and Boys

There is an extraordinary bond between a mother and her son. I love my girls and boys equally, but there’s just something different about the bond between a boy and his mama.

Boys might be more energetic and love a bit of rough and tumble, but when it comes to showing affection, there is such a ferocity about it. Any boy mamma will know that when they hug you or give you kisses, there’s an intensity to it that is not matched by my daughters.

It’s hard to explain why!

And just like my son’s love for me, the affection I have for my boys is different from my girls. I try to be as fair as possible with my children, but I definitely give into my boys easier than I do with my girls.

My husband even says the opposite is true for him! He’s more likely to give special treatment to the girls than the boys.

But there’s absolutely no denying that moms have an incredibly special relationship with their sons.

mom baking with son in kitchen

The Best Part of Being A Mom with Boys

There are so many things I love about being a mom with boys. They keep you on your toes with their energetic nature, and they’re incredibly affectionate to their mammas.

The best part about being a mother of boys is simply being blessed with amazing young men to raise. They might roughhouse and play in the mud, but I wouldn’t have them any other way!

I have learned so much from the curious and inquisitive nature of Tman as he was growing up, and now I continue to witness the same quality with my little fella.

As a mom with boys, my greatest hope is that I can help them learn how to be respectable and successful young men.

Your Turn

If you’re a boy mamma, tell me in the comments below, what’s your favorite part about raising boys?

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boy mom laughing as son climbs on her back
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