12 Practical Postpartum Kit Must-Have Essentials for Moms

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Inside: In an effort to help you be far more prepared than I was with my first kiddo, I have created a roundup of essentials to have on hand in your postpartum kit.

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I spent so much time preparing for my first child it never occurred to me that I needed to prepare myself for postpartum. I had no idea about the essentials a mom needs after having a baby. And most people don’t openly talk about needing stool softeners.

Most moms are so wrapped up in checking off the list of the one million, and one baby essentials rarely do they stop and think about their post birthing needs.

I vividly remember writing down a list and sending my husband to the store as soon as we arrived home with our bundle of joy. But I would have much rather been prepared than have to send him out. I really wish someone had told me to make myself a postpartum kit.

In an effort to help you be far more prepared than I was with my first kiddo, I have created a roundup of essentials to have on hand in your postpartum kit.

Before diving into all the postpartum essentials for you that you’re going to want to have on hand, it’s important to answer a few simple questions about items that you’re going to need.

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What Is Postpartum Care?

While the time frame might feel like it varies, postpartum care typically is for the direct six weeks (or so) after giving birth. This is a time that the mom will be healing and recovering from birth and doing everything that she can to stay healthy and healing for herself and the baby.

Recovery time can vary based on your delivery, and many OBs will tell you it takes about a year for your body to recover from pregnancy and birth truly.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if your recovery takes longer. Be kind to yourself and allow your body to heal.

I know it’s easier said than done when you have kids… trust me, I know.

Why You Need A Postpartum Kit?

Being a new mom is incredible, but it’s also full of tons of changes and emotions as well. If there were a way to package up all the “big ticket” items that you’d need for your time recovering after birth, you’d be 100% down to make that happen, right?

If so, you’re in luck. It’s actually not as hard as you’d think to create a postpartum kit for new moms! Plus, it is so much easier to have things on hand before the baby gets here when you are sleep deprived and healing.

With just a few items, you’ll have almost everything that you need to get back on track in no time at all.

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What Should I Buy For Postpartum Care?

This is important to know! While a big part of postpartum care is laying low and taking care of yourself and your body, you’ve also got to consider that you’re going to need some items to help you heal as quickly as possible, too.

Having a natural birth and a c-section birth is quite different from one another, but they do both require a few items to make your healing as quickly and as comfortable as possible.

Postpartum Essentials To Have In Your Postpartum Care Kit

It’s also realistic to understand that not every female will have the same items in their postpartum care kit. This is because everybody’s body is going through some different forms of healing. The main thing to remember is that while you can add whatever items you would like to your kit, there are some postpartum essentials that you should have on hand, if at all possible.

After all, it’s better to have more items than you need than not enough, right? There’s nothing worse than realizing that you’re out of something or don’t have a specific item on hand, and you don’t have the time, energy, or ability to get it. Just gather up these simple essentials for postpartum recovery and relax easy knowing that you’re covered.

Best Postpartum Products To Have On Hand

Here are some of the top postpartum essentials to add to your postpartum kit that can help to make your recovery as comfortable as possible!

Tucks Hemorrhoid Pads

Yes, hemorrhoids…it’s not a fun word to think about, and it’s even more uncomfortable to deal with. But these Tucks Hemorrhoid Pads are some of the best postpartum pads to have on hand. They have a magical cooling effect that can literally take away the pain and burning and put your focus back on where it needs to be.

Disposable Postpartum Underwear

While you might not have your heart set on wearing underwear that you wear once and just throw away, there’s a reason and a purpose for it…trust me. And honestly, the last thing that you’re going to want to be dealing with while you’re healing is trying to find clean underwear multiple times a day. (Because more than likely, that’s how often you’ll have to be changing them!)

Also, keep in mind that disposable underwear doesn’t have to be a long-term solution. Most people may find that it’s just beneficial for the first week or so after arriving home from giving birth, but the duration can totally be up to you. Having on underwear that you know is just going to be in the trash if something gets on it or something happens to it can be a great stress-reliever not even to have to think about.

You can also get ones that have an area specifically cut out of the belly region for moms with fresh c-section wounds.

Upside Down Peri Bottle for Postpartum Care

Ah….the thing that they don’t warn you about before childbirth…Yes, you’ll be spritzing water up in your “area” for several weeks after birth to keep it clean and clear of infection. This peri bottle makes it super simple to hold in place and has a gentle, steady stream of water without worry. (You can try other options, but you’ll find that it’s so much easier using a product like this!)

Washable Breast Pads

Breastfeeding or not, your boobs are going to leak out some milk! It’s just the way that our bodies are. It’s simple enough to head to the store and buy cotton breast pads to use and throw away, but let’s face it – that cost totally starts to add up.

Even though you’re going to want to limit the extra chores that you have to do yourself after the baby is born, adding a couple of washable breast pads to your laundry list won’t push you past the tipping point. Since you’re not really going to have to worry about anything other than breast milk leaking out onto the pads, these are easy items to reuse over and over again. (and they’re really soft for your nipples, too!)

Nipple Cream

If you’re breastfeeding, you’re going to want this cream. Period. Your baby is like a savage attacking that booby (sorry, but it’s true!), and your nipples are going to become sore and cracked. Putting on nipple cream that is safe for you and your baby is a simple way to keep them as moisturized and healthy as possible.

Stool Softener

Not many people talk to you about that first postpartum poo. The hospital will most likely start you on stool softeners at the hospital, but they might not always give you a heads up why. But that first trip to the bathroom for number two can feel like you are giving birth all over again if you are not well prepared. Make sure you purchase the kind without a laxative.

Hot Pack

When your back is aching from the effects of labor or from holding your baby, you will be thankful for a heating pad to help relieve the tension in your muscles. Just remember not to keep it on too long.


Seriously, these are amazing! After birth, swelling and bruising is a serious thing. Your lady bits will be sore after delivery, and you will yearn for relief. Padsicles are basically a sanitary napkin, chilled in the freezer, then placed in your underwear. They reduce pain, swelling, bruising, and provide hemorrhoid relief.

They are a life save postpartum. If you have time in your third trimester, you can try your hand at DIY padsicles, or you can purchase freezer ready pre-packaged padsicles.

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More Postpartum Kit Must-Haves

Stretchy “In-Between” Clothes

There are some lucky women out there who, two days after giving birth, are wearing their pre-pregnancy clothes. They are an anomaly for sure.

The reality is most of us will have an in-between stage. We aren’t quite ready for our pre-pregnancy clothes, but maybe our maternity clothes are a tad loose. Having a few essentials in a range of sizes will reduce the feeling of having nothing to wear.

I stocked up on stretchy leggings and drawstring pants. I also stocked up on underwear in multiple sizes. Once I got over the initial period of wearing disposable underwear, I found having underwear in various sizes helped as my post-baby weight would fluctuate.

Slipper or Soft Socks

Another must-have in your postpartum care kit are a nice pair of soft socks or slippers. I still could see my feet after delivery, let alone put on shoes. Not to mention, my feet were still swollen. Having a pair of soft socks or slippers on hand was much easier. My feet were protected but didn’t feel confined.

Nursing Or Sports Bras

Get yourself a few comfortable nursing bras or sports bras. Don’t forget to purchase bras in a few sizes as well. Your breasts will change sizes post-delivery as your milk comes in. Even if you are not planning on breastfeeding, you don’t want to find yourself uncomfortable in a too-tight bra.

Freezer Meals

Whether you prepare freezer meals during your third trimester or you have family and friends organize a food train for you, I promise you will be thankful for not having to cook a meal for those first few days or even weeks.

In a pinch, there is always UberEats, but after a while, that gets expensive.

Don’t Forget Your Postpartum Kit

As you can see, the items in your postpartum care kit don’t have to be overly extensive. As long as you’re addressing the issues that you have going on, you’ll find that you can fill your kit with the best postpartum products for yourself and your current situation.

And if your needs do change, just ask someone to head to the store for you and purchase what you do need. (or have Amazon deliver it within two days right to your front step!) It’s ultimately your postpartum kit to stock and has ready, so make sure that you’re adding some of the best essentials listed above!

What other items would you add to your postpartum care kit? Comment below with your must-have postpartum kit essentials.

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12 must-have postpartum kit essentials for moms
practical postpartum essentials for new moms

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