Simple Disney World Hacks For Your First Visit

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Mickey and Minnie on parade float at Disney World

Inside: Planning your first visit to Disney World can be overwhelming when you are trying to make sure everything is perfect for your family. Keep reading for my genius Disney World hacks to help you get more bang for your buck, all while making magical memories you and your family will cherish forever.

I remember my first visit to Disney World like it was yesterday. The magic, the excitement… The planning and preparation beforehand! Disney world isn’t the kind of place to go for a spur of the moment visit.

If you want to get your first trip to the Magic Kingdom right, you need to arm yourself with plenty of Disney World hacks to make your time that much more enjoyable.

Yes, Disney is all about having fun, but to guarantee everyone has a good time, you should plan your trip and use all the Disney World hacks at your disposal.

These the things I wish I’d known before going on my first trip to Disney World. From booking and planning dining and souvenirs, please read up on my Disney World hacks to make sure your first visit to Disney World isn’t your last!

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Genius Disney World Hacks For Your First Disney Vacation

If this is your first Disney vacation, I know how excited you are! Going to Disney World for the first time is a huge deal, but I guarantee it will live up to all your expectations and more!

However, getting the most out of your Disney vacation requires a little bit of creativity and thinking outside the box. Keep reading to discover my genius Disney World hacks to help you get more bang for your buck, all while making magical memories you and your family will cherish forever.

Disney World Hacks – Planning

Like I said before, you don’t just decide on a whim to pack up and head to Disney World. This vacation needs to be planned with military-style precision.

If you leave anything to chance, you’ll more than likely end up disappointed. Here are the most important things you need to consider when planning your Disney vacation.

Cinderella's castle at Disney World

Do Your Research And Make A Plan

All good things start with a plan. Make sure that you do your research into everything that Disney World has to offer and then decide how you’re going to divide up your time and cram everything in.

For example, if you’re going on a seven-day vacation to Disney World, your plan might look like this:

  • 1st DAY – Arrive, Check Into Your Hotel, Then Hit The Magic Kingdom
  • 2nd DAY – Visit Epcot
  • 3rd DAY – Visit Hollywood Studios
  • 4th DAY – Have A No Park Day – Hang Out At The Pool Or Visit Disney Springs
  • 5th DAY – Visit Animal Kingdom
  • 6th DAY – Visit A Water Park Or Spend A Second Day At The Magic Kingdom
  • 7th DAY – Go Back To Your Favorite Park For One Last Ride Before You Pack Up And Leave

Scheduling Your Trip

It’s no secret that visiting Disney World in the off-season is going to save you a significant amount of money, and you won’t have to fight with so many crowds.

If you can, plan your Disney vacation for January or February when it’s least busy.

Early September through to the middle of November is also a lot quieter because that’s when kids go back to school.

It’s best to avoid Disney World during the June-August and December if you are hoping to avoid the crowds.

If you homeschool your kids, you’ll be able to make the most of this Disney World hack and plan your first trip during the low season.

FastPass+ Hacks

Some might argue that the paper FastPasses were better than the new FastPass+ system because you could get more passes in a day.

However, just because FastPass+ limits you to three passes at a time per day, doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck on long lines for the rest of the day.

The trick is to schedule your passes as close together as you can. After you’ve used all three, you can select more to use that day in any park.

If you are in need of a Disney World Disability Pass be sure to research how your pass works in conjunction with the FastPass+ system.

girls hugging Eeyore at Disney World's Crystal Palace restaurant

Booking Dining

The number one rule of Disney is to skip the sit-down breakfast and run to the ride. Pack cereal bars and snack on them while you’re waiting in line.

When it comes to sit down family dinners, book as far in advance as you can. However, if you can’t get a reservation in advance, don’t forget to try on the day.

People often make as many reservations as they can and then cancel on the day, so you’ll be surprised how many tables open up.

My Disney Experience App

This little app is an absolute lifesaver because it’s a personal vacation assistant in your pocket. You can organize or make dinner reservations, keep track of your FastPasses, and select new ones all from within the app.

It will even give you walking directions to nearby attractions, amenities, and guest services as well as full park maps, updated show times, updated wait times for every attraction, and even more!

Disney World Hacks To Save You Money

As a large family on a budget, that enjoys visiting Disney as often as we can, I have done my fair share of research on how to save money at Disney.  Be sure to check out how to have the Best Vacation At Disney On a Budget, where I share even more budget-friendly Disney World hacks.

Discount Disney World Gift Cards

Buying discount Disney gift cards has got to be my favorite Disney World hack of them all! All you’ll need (if you don’t have one already) is the Target REDcard. The Target REDcard gives you 5% of at Target stores.

Then, simply purchase your Disney World gift cards from Target and save 5%. It might not sound like a lot, but every penny counts when it comes to Disney World vacations.

Save On Souvenirs

My favorite way to save on souvenirs at Disney World is to hunt for the freebies. There are always free badges and smaller things to be found around the Magic Kindom.

Another thing you could do is pre-purchase items you know the kids will want. Get them online from the Disney store when they go on sale or from Disney outlet stores.

Take them with you and then give them out during your vacation.

Final Disney World Hacks To Know Before You Go

There’s absolutely no doubt that Disney World hacks will save you time, money, and sanity on your first Disney vacation. Disney World is full of magic and fun. But only if you plan ahead. Making the most of things like the Fastpass+ and the My Disney Experience App.

You’ll never forget your first trip to Disney, and hopefully, it won’t be your last! Remember to pre-book as much as you can in advance and craft your itinerary to make sure that everyone has a memorable time.

There really is no better family vacation than Disney when it’s done right using these lifesaving Disney World hacks.

Your Turn

Do you have any Disney World Hacks to share with first-time travelers? Any specific tips you wish you knew the first time you went? I would love for you to share those tips below in the comments!

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Cinderella's castle at Disney World with simple hacks for your Disney Vacation
Mickey and Minnie on parade float Disney world hacks for first timers

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