The Best Pregnancy Journal To Help You Track Your Pregnancy

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When I was pregnant with my kids, I had no idea there was even such a thing as a pregnancy journal!

I remember being handed a few books about what to expect, a little folder from my OB about when to call the doctor, and that my friend was it. I remember feeling overwhelmed and overloaded with information!

After having learned there was such a thing as a pregnancy journal, I longed for my pregnancy days and wished I had one during that time. I feel like I missed out on jotting down the most essential details, moments, and events.

After reviewing so many pregnancy trackers and planners, and finding each one lacking something that would make it just right, I decided to create one that checks off all the boxes!

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How can you track your pregnancy?

Not only do pregnancy journals help guide you step-by-step through each trimester and event during pregnancy. But they also help you to track doctor visits, create a birth plan, plan for your baby shower, and more!

Some pregnancy journals are designed to be more photo-heavy, focusing on milestones and memories, while other journals I found are focused more on planning and preparation.

Then there are those journals that meet in the middle and combine both!

So, in an effort to help you NOT miss out on the opportunity to track and plan during your pregnancy, I created the BEST Pregnancy Journal! And the best part? I have kept it very budget-friendly too!

This Pregnancy Journal Printable will help you not only get organized but will help you PAY ATTENTION to the little things that we sometimes forget to think about with pregnancy brain!

There are two different sizes of spines to fit the most common binder sizes.  If you have a binder on hand, there is no need to go out and buy another binder. Just use one you already have! Boom, you’re good to go.

If you do need to purchase a binder, here are some great choices from Amazon:

1-inch binder

2-inch binder

The BEST Pregnancy Journal to help you track your pregnancy!

collage of pregnancy journal printable binder pages

Pregnancy Journal Printables

What’s included in the Pregnancy Journal

Printable pages include:

● Cover and Spines

● Pregnancy Announcement

● Birth Plan Ideas

● Symptom Tracker

● Appointment Tracker

● 1st, 2nd & 3rd Trimester Cover Pages

● Bump to baby, from week 4 to 40

● 12 & 20 Week Scan

● 1st, 2nd & 3rd Trimester Summary Pages

● Inspirational Phrases

● Name ideas

● Gender Reveal

● Baby Shower

● Nursery Planner

● Meal Tracker

● Medical Appointment Log

● Hospital Bag Checklist

● Shopping List

● Fetal Movement Tracker

● Dear Baby Letter

● Birth Story

● Back Cover

This is a 78-page printable pregnancy journal that helps guide you through literally EVERY step of your pregnancy!

You can grab this ENTIRE journal and use it at your own pace!

My Favorite Pages

It is hard to pick my favorite page because I find they are all super helpful. But here are a few I am most partial to:

Weekly Pregnancy Journal Pages

This weekly pregnancy journal printable pages are perfect for cherishing the memory of pregnancy, tracking your measurements, symptoms, thoughts, and growing baby bump pictures.

Weekly Tracking Pregnancy Journal Pages

Nursery Planner and Nursery Pictures

Keep your nursery design inspiration all in one spot with this nursery planner and pictures printables. From choosing your theme, colors, furniture, and items to buy these printable pages will keep you inspired and organized all in one place!

Nursery Planner and Nursery Pictures printable pages

The Story of Your Birth

One of my favorite aspects of this little journal is it comes with a page to document your child’s birth and a letter to baby, something you can share with your child when they are older.

Dear baby and story of your birth pregnancy printable pages

What is the benefit of using a Pregnancy Journal?

A pregnancy journal emphasizes the celebration of pregnancy, allowing you to document and always remember every little detail and monthly baby bump!

I don’t know a mom who doesn’t want to cherish and document every minute of pregnancy! What better way than by saving cute photos, journaling your feelings, etc…

What you will love about this Pregnancy Journal printable is it has various checklists, photo slots, reminders, journal prompts, and more! You will be able to share all your best memories throughout pregnancy!

Did you use a pregnancy journal to document your pregnancy? I would love to hear which pages are your favorite and why!

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