Why Tired Moms Should Participate In A Self-Care Challenge

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Inside: As moms, we spend so much time looking out for everyone else that we forget to think about ourselves until it’s too late and we become burnt out. Learn how completing a self-care challenge can jump-start a routine of taking care of yourself.

Mama, are you drained? Not just a little tired but a soul aching, bone-crushing tired? Mama, we’ve all been there before. After another sleepless night and a to-do list that could go across the length of your home, it’s 2 pm, and you’ve run out of juice.

It is time to seriously consider some much-needed self-care.

A self-care challenge is a great way for anyone, but especially us very tired mamas, to prioritize our wellbeing and make a little bit of time for ourselves each day.

I’m not saying to have a spa day once a week. First, most of us don’t have the time or money for that (at least I don’t).

Self-care is so much more than facials and saunas (although they’re a nice treat). Self-care is about ensuring you’re the best, healthiest and happiest version of yourself so that you can take even better care of your loved ones.

There are countless self-care challenges out there ranging from a few days long, to months! Start small and you’ll see just how much difference a few minutes a day can make to you and your family.

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Why Tired Moms Should Participate In A Self-Care Challenge Every Year

Why are tired moms tired in the first place? Is it lack of sleep? Long, busy days? Stress? The millions of hats we wear on a daily basis?

While these are all reasons for us mamma’s to be tired, the underlying issue is a lack of self-care. You’re too busy worrying about everyone else that you forget to worry about yourself.

What if I told you that doing something as simple as a self-care challenge could eliminate your fatigue, give you more energy and make you happier…

Would you give it a go?

Self-Care For Moms Is Non-Negotiable

Yes, you heard me right. Self-care is absolutely non-negotiable.

You feel like you couldn’t possibly do one more task, but it’s our job as moms to keep going, right? When you sign up to be a mom, you are practically handing over your right to have a day to yourself.

However, this doesn’t mean that this burnt-out, tired mama doesn’t deserve a little bit of me-time!

As moms, we spend so much time looking out for everyone else that we forget to think about number one until it’s too late and you become extremely burnt out. And that’s not good for anyone.

Self-care isn’t just face-masks and yoga, it’s remembering to go for routine health checks and take vitamins. It’s the little things that make you feel better from the inside, out.

When you don’t look after yourself, you become even more stressed. Why? Because you end up in a cycle of feeling bad about yourself.

Feeling bad about not making time for yourself. Feeling guilty about making time for yourself.

Then ultimately doing nothing about it until the next bout of negativity waves in. By staying on top of your self-care with as little as 15-minutes a day, you’ll avoid this altogether.

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How A Self-Care Challenge Can Help You Be A Better Mom

The fact is, looking after yourself will help you to be an even better mother. Kids are a blessing but they can also be challenging.

There is a reason why the flight attendant advises you to put on the oxygen mask first before helping others.

If you take care of yourself, you’ll have a much better relationship with your kids. You’ll be happier and less stressed and they will see that.

It’s no secret that children feed off our emotions so if you feel better in yourself, they’ll feel better too.

Self-care will also help you to feel more confident and generally more positive about yourself. And when that happens, your relationship with your spouse will also improve. 

If you know what I mean 😉

By simply making time to look after yourself, you’ll create an all-round happier family environment.

Simple Ways To Practice Self-Care Even When You Have Little Time

I know all too well that, as a busy Mamma, it can feel like you don’t have a spare second in the day. And while that might be true and it is probably also true you are rushed off your feet 24/7, the whole idea behind self-care is to MAKE that time to look after yourself. So you can better look after your family.

Let me ask you this…

Is your health and wellbeing worth 15 minutes a day? A self-care challenge could last as little as 7 days and take-up only 15 minutes of your time each day.

Here are some super simple ways to practice self-care even if you have very little time to spare.

Get plenty of sleep

Sleep might not sound like a self-care activity, but ask yourself, when was the last time you really slept? When did you actually get your full eight hours of sleep?

For just one day, it can even be over a weekend if you need, let your husband handle the kids for the morning. Sleep in as long as your body needs to catch up on sleep.

Get up and get moving, even if it’s the last thing you want to do

Unless you are the kind of person gets a high from a good run, exercise sounds like the last self-care activity you’d want to do. However, you’d be shocked to find how good you can feel after a great workout.

This is not only good for stretching your muscles, but also for improving your energy levels and your overall health.

Take a hot bath

After your workout, instead of hopping in the shower, take a nice hot bath instead. This will not only help you relax, but you give you a chance to relax before you head back into the crazy that is your home.

Read a book

Reading is a great way to relax and destress for a little while. With books, you can escape to a place that doesn’t have a pile of laundry waiting for you, and where the kids actually behave!

Take the night off from cooking

You cook every single night, and you are probably worn out from it! It’s okay to take the night off from cooking! If you can, order some takeout or enjoy a nice meal out with your family.

If you can’t afford a meal out, have a nice frozen pizza at home instead. Digiorno is a great chef in a pinch!

Do something for yourself

One of the best self-care activities you can do for yourself is to give yourself the gift of what you love! If you like painting, take some time to paint. If you want to spend some time in the kitchen, then do that!

Find something that you love to do, and do that! It’s okay if the only thing you can think of is watching Netflix.

You don’t have to have a whole day to yourself to have some self-care time. If you can only choose a single thing from this list, it’s still better than nothing! Remember that you have to help yourself before you can help others, so take some time for a little self-care.

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50 More Self-Care Ideas For Tired Moms

  1. Set aside one day of the year to book ALL of your families doctors appointments, including yours
  2. Swap unscented soaps for aromatherapy enhanced ones so you get a pleasant surprise every time you wash your hands.
  3. Plan a vacation
  4. Get a baby sitter to help out while you’re at home. They could play with the kids while you’re making dinner in the evening.
  5. Make sure you plan something to look forward to every weekend, whether it’s with your family or by yourself.
  6. Have the kids help you out with chores.
  7. Buy a low maintenance plant to keep around the house.
  8. Print off some of the photos on your phone.
  9. Wake up early to spend time enjoying instead of rushing your first cup of coffee.
  10. Listen to a self-care podcast or audiobook in the car or around the house.
  11. Make evenings phone-free.
  12. Practice meditation before bed.
  13. Practice positive affirmations in the morning.
  14. When you feel yourself becoming stressed, stop and stretch.
  15. Get outside and take a walk.
  16. Declutter your social media of anything that doesn’t bring you joy.
  17. Eat lunch outside in the fresh air!
  18. Plan a night in with friends.
  19. Turn your bathroom into a spa for 20-minutes with a face mask or foot soak.
  20. Listen to soothing music.
  21. Set mini-goals.
  22. Do some regular exercise.
  23. Eat well.
  24. Take a power nap
  25.  Watch a funny video on YouTube
  26.  Write a gratitude list
  27.  Set goals for yourself
  28.  Call your best friend
  29.  Have some tea or wine
  30.  Start a journal
  31.  Color in an inspirational coloring book
  32.  Schedule at least 10 minutes of “me” time daily
  33.  Take an online class or course
  34.  Lay on your back in the grass and watch the clouds
  35.  Make a craft
  36.  Eat chocolate
  37.  Have a dance party
  38.  Hug someone
  39.  Watch some videos of puppies or goats in PJs
  40.  Say “No” to something you really don’t want to do anyway
  41.  Do some deep breathing
  42.  Envision your best self and take steps to become that person
  43.  Make an ice cream sundae with your favorite toppings
  44.  Turn off your cell phone for a day
  45.  Watch some home movies of yourself and your family
  46.  Ask for help
  47.  Make a priority list and adjust your daily tasks accordingly
  48.  Be present in each moment
  49.  Volunteer – It’s good for the soul
  50.  Do absolutely nothing 

Start A Self-Care Challenge Now

There you have over 50 simple ways to incorporate a self-care challenge into your day to day life, without compromising on looking after your family. In fact, as I keep saying if you look after yourself, you’ll be able to take better care of your loved ones.

You will enjoy spending more meaningful time with them because you won’t feel so stressed and rushed off your feet all the time.

Be sure to download my FREE 31 Days Of Self-Care For Tired Moms Printable to help you with your self-care challenge.

Your Turn

I’d love to know, have you embarked on a self-care challenge this year and how’s it going? Do you feel better already?

I’d also love to hear any of your tired mama self-care tips and tricks if I didn’t cover them here!

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  1. I know that if you feel tired, you need to have some rest. Without this, you won’t refresh your possible power and energy!

    1. Yes, we need to listen to what our bodies are telling us and take the time to rest. It is hard to take care of others when your cup is empty!

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