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Thank you for your interest in guest writing for Collecting Clovers! I am excited to hear from you on topics you would like to share.

When brainstorming ideas, please check out the other posts on the blog to get a sense of the style and content types. All articles adhere to this motto:

There is no such thing as a perfect parent, so just be a real one! ~ Sue Atkins

This site is all about supporting our fellow mamas through the amazing and challenging journey of parenthood and homeschooling.

Below are some categories and topics found on this blog:

  • Baby (sleeping, feeding, etc)
  • Toddlers (Potty Training, Activities, Crafts, Tantrums, etc)
  • Kids & Teens (Screen-Free Activities, Parenting Teens, etc)
  • Mom Life (Self-Care, Motherhood, Parenting, Mom Friends/Tribe, etc)
  • Homeschooling (Homeschool/Educational Tips, Homeschooling Encouragement, Teaching Subjects, Lessons/Studies, etc.)
  • Budgeting And Money (Family-focused)
  • Organization (Family-focused)
  • Family Adventures (Family travel, Family staycations)

I’m looking for quality, 100% original content only (not published elsewhere-online or in print) that appeals to moms from a practical or emotional level. Ultimately, this site is to help moms feel connected, understood and supported.

What’s In It For You?

Here is what you will receive for writing an article on Collecting Clovers:

  • Author picture and bio
  • Links to your social media (of your choosing) in your bio
  • Link to your blog (with a follow link)
  • Article shared on Collecting Clovers’ social media (could include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram)

When Writing A Post

  • Your post should be at least 1,500 words, SEO-optimized post for a researched specific long-tail keyword phrase.
  • Proofread and grammatically correct, formatted with headings (H2 or H3 to help with SEO) emphasized texts and lists (easier to read)
  • Readable with short paragraphs (2-3 sentences per paragraph for easy reading)
  • Written in a conversational tone (we’re all friends)
  • Keep your topics fairly neutral. It’s ok to have an opinion but be respectful of other mamas and their beliefs. Posts must be on-topic with our audience in mind.

Keep the following in mind if your post idea is approved:

  • Your post might be slightly edited and the title could be changed.
  • No affiliate links – while Collecting Clovers wants to support her fellow mamas, guest posts should focus on content, not selling!
  • No linking back to posts on your blog. Collecting Clovers may link keywords in your post to other articles on this site, either by another guest blogger or her own.

You keep all rights to your written content. However, if your article published on this site is published elsewhere, you must contact me immediately and your submitted post will be removed from Collecting Clovers (for better search results from Google).

How To Submit An Idea

Send up to 3 ideas and outlines, your blog URL and a little about yourself in the form below. Want to add more info about your top idea? Share it in the notes field. Please also share an expected timeframe for completion.

If your post topic is approved you will receive a response within 5 days. If you do not hear anything within that timeframe you are free to post your article elsewhere.

Please note that all posts must match the Collecting Clover brand so not all ideas and writing styles are a great fit. Additionally, it might be determined that your post is not a good fit despite your idea being approved.

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