The Unmistakable Benefits of Year Round Homeschooling

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Inside: Year round homeschooling might take some adjusting. But deciding to homeschool year-round has some incredible benefits that everyone in your family will love.

The shear stress and panic you encounter as the end of the homeschool school year looms before you.

Did you do enough?

Did they learn enough? Do you have enough for a robust portfolio?

Are they on grade level? Or did they fall behind?

These, among so many other questions, would run through my head the first few years of homeschooling.

It never failed.

The end of the homeschool year would send me into a frantic state.  I would end the year feeling like a complete homeschooling failure. That was until I began researching and seriously considering year round homeschooling. 

Some people might have the perception that year-round homeschoolers are all hardcore academics. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Most year round homeschoolers, like our family, enjoy a relaxed approach to homeschooling and reaping the benefits that come along with it.

I guarantee, once you try year round homeschooling, you’ll never want to go back.

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Benefits Of Year Round Homeschooling

There’s no doubt that year round homeschooling comes with its challenges, but deciding to homeschool year-round has some incredible benefits that everyone in your family will love.

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Personalized And Flexible Scheduling

The thing most people love about year round homeschooling is that you’re able to achieve a better work/education/life balance. By homeschooling all year, you can create a schedule that perfectly suites our family.

You’ll be able to add more time to our schedules for family activities and hobbies that help you all to become well-rounded people.

As opposed to following along with the traditional schooling schedule, you won’t have to wake the kids up to get ready to start school. They’ll still have a routine, but their body clocks will do most of the work.

They’ll get up to start the day when they’re fully rested and ready to learn more efficiently.

Year round homeschooling also doesn’t have to stick to the Monday to Friday schedule like traditional schooling. You could do four days of homeschooling a week as long as you’re meeting the requirements you need to per your state homeschooling laws.

The schedule is entirely up to you, but I would recommend being consistent. And remember, you don’t need to cram every single subject into each day.

Because you’ll be working on core subjects year-round, there will be plenty of time to cover everything you need.

Avoid The Summer Slide

One thing I don’t like about traditional schooling is the need to spend the first week or so of every term reviewing things learned in the previous term. With year round homeschooling, there’s no need for that as you can create a schedule that runs smoothly to ensure the kids don’t forget anything.

When you homeschool year-round, you’ll rarely have more than a week between terms. On the off-chance that you take a more extended break for exceptional circumstances, picking up right where you left off won’t be too tricky as long breaks typically won’t happen multiple times a year.

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Less Stress

It might be hard for you to believe, but year-round homeschooling will be a lot less stressful than traditional schooling for both you and the kids. Little things like not having an official start and end date for the year mean you won’t be rushing to get things crammed in and meet deadlines.

Being able to create a varied schedule will also prevent boredom and dreaded burn-out. Therefore, removing unnecessary stress.

Because homeschooling year-round is incredibly flexible, there’s an abundance of time to do things other than schoolwork, which will keep the mind fresh, active, and ready to learn.

Field Trips and Vacations When You Want To

Another joy of year-round homeschooling is that you can build days off into your schedule. You can make this work in your favor for vacations and field trips.

You’ll have the freedom to go on both field trips and take vacations in the off-season when there are fewer crowds, and the prices are lower. Once you start year-round homeschooling and find your family on a deserted beach in favorable weather, you’ll never want to go back to the summer holiday madness of traditional schooling.

Real Breaks When You Need To

Some traditional school terms are just too long. Homeschooling year-round means you can take a break or a day off here and there without stress or guilt.

You can schedule days off for birthdays and go away for long weekends every couple of months so that no one gets burnt out. Whenever you do go away, try to make it as educational for the kids as possible.

After all, there’s so much that can be learned by stepping outside into the big full world.

Instead of having breaks between terms that are weeks long, you could have multiple one-week breaks throughout the year. You’ll be amazed how much time you can have off when you homeschool year-round because you’re not having one continuous 8-9 week break in the summer.

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Get More Done With Year Round Homeschooling

You won’t have to rush your school year. When choosing to year-round homeschool, you’ll be surprised how much you get done.

Although you might homeschool for fewer weeks of the year, you’ll get the same amount covered in less time. That means you’ll have more time to pursue hobbies, learn new skills, and spend more time together as a family.

You’ll be able to work at whatever pace best suits your family and the lifestyle you want to achieve. If the kids want to work through their school work faster, they can. If you need to take an unexpected break, you can.

The bottom line is, by year round homeschooling, you’ll have more freedom and flexibility to work at the speed that works for you.

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Year Round Homeschooling Schedule Ideas

When you homeschool year-round, you can start the academic year when you please. Some people like to start their year in January so that Christmas is their end of year break.

While this makes sense, there’s nothing to stop you from starting your year in June so that you can take an end of year break in May.

You might also like to have school terms to help you break up your year round homeschooling schedule. Instead of having the four traditional school terms (spring, summer, fall, winter), you could have six terms, which would allow you to have more weeklong breaks throughout the year.

If you have six terms each being six weeks long, you could reasonably schedule in the following time off in your year round homeschooling schedule:

●  One week break between each term

●  One week off for Thanksgiving

●  Two-three weeks off for Christmas

●  Two weeks off for Easter

●  Four weeks off in the summer

That’s a total of only ten weeks off. If you stick to the six, six-week-long terms, that’s 36 weeks of homeschooling and 16 weeks off… So you have another six weeks to play with throughout the year! Imagine how much quality family time you could have!

Your Turn

Do you homeschool year-round? Have you considered year round homeschooling for your family? I would love for you to share your tips or thoughts on the matter below!

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